V Guarana Energy Drink

V Energy Drink. The Massive Hit That Improves You A Bit.

The story of V started centuries ago, deep in the Amazon with the original overachievers – the indigenous Amazonians. In a single generation, they went from hunting with spears to building a sophisticated civilisation. What was their secret? The answer lies in a small but potent berry. The guarana berry.

Amazonian Indians discovered that by sucking on guarana berries, it gave them the energy to create the extraordinary. From their spectacular pyramids, to towns linked by highways, the guarana energy boost inspired their ingenuity to rethink everything that came before them.

There’s no better inspiration for a modern-day energy drink. We’ve done our own thinking, and carefully created a unique guarana potion enhanced by caffeine, vitamins and minerals. But in every can and bottle of V is a little bit of this Amazonian spirit. And a spark, a challenge to create the extraordinary.

Launching into the Australian market in 1999, V Guarana Energy Drink turned the energy drink category on its head – delivering all the pick-me-up qualities of caffeine and guarana in our iconic slimline green can.

V Guarana Energy Drink is unique and renowned for its cheeky, quirky sense of humour and its positive, full-of-life attitude.

Only V Guarana Energy Drink provides that reliable, uplifting buzz of energy to help you achieve and get more out of every day.

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