Mizone Sport re-launches in Australia

Australian cricketer and footballer Ellyse Perry, TV presenters Liv Phyland and Teigan Nash, and personal trainers Dan Adair and Danielle Bazergy are the faces of a new campaign for Mizone Sport in Australia.

Mizone Sport is a great-tasting, hydrating drink that has been reformulated so that it now has one third less sugar and no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.

Mizone Sport is now available in three refreshing new flavours – lemon and lime, strawberry and lime, and watermelon.

The unique, hypotonic formula for Mizone Sport was designed with world-leading sports physiologists, sports dietitians and coaches.  After conducting a series of clinical trials with elite athletes, Mizone Sport has been proven to hydrate you faster than traditional isotonic sports drinks.

The campaign showcases the many different zones that people get in when they work out. Mizone Sport is truly a better for you option with proven faster hydration+ and 1/3 less sugar^.