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Five minutes with Aimee Sherer

We caught up with Frucor Suntory’s capability manager Aimee Sherer to get the lowdown on her top priorities for the next 12 months. Here’s what Aimee had to say:


We’ve just completed our first internal engagement survey – Fruzone – for 2021, where we achieved a participation rate of 89%, and an engagement score of 8.1%. This engagement score is remarkable, as we’ve managed to maintain last year’s high result.

Although I’ve only just started unpacking the results, I can already see the WINS and the areas where opportunities for growth lie.

I’m looking forward to digging into the results further; to make recommendations on the actions we should take to maintain strong engagement with our people.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in the survey. I’m incredibly grateful to my team who led the charge to make Fruzone happen.     


It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come in our Learning & Development journey. When I was reflecting on this, it just amazed me about how much we’ve learnt in 2020: about our business, ourselves and our future – and what that might all look like.

It’s not only important to reflect on how far we’ve come, but to celebrate those learnings and examine the best way forward in our Learning & Development journey.

Compared to many of our Suntory colleagues around the world, we’re really lucky that we can get together, host face-to-face workshops and away days. When you work in this space, and get to be in a room with people – it just makes you appreciate how amazing the people at Frucor Suntory are.

2020 was potentially the most appropriate time to be dipping our toes into digital learning, too.

Next month we will be celebrating the one year anniversary of MySU – Frucor Suntory’s digital learning and onboarding platform.

Throughout the next couple of months, we’ll be rolling out new modules on MySU to help our people grow their appetite for learning and to upskill or refresh themselves on some areas of our business. 

Leaning into Diversity & Inclusion

A huge focus for my team is on continuing to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where every person experiences a sense of belong, feels they can be heard and that they’re seen.  

We’ve been piloting some Unconscious Bias awareness training. The training has been really powerful for reflecting inwards as well as looking at the world around us.

It also highlights how early on we are in our journey, but illustrates the incredible steps we’ve taken forward in this space.

I’m super excited and I’m proud of the people who have joined our first Inclusion Council and I’m really looking forward to supporting their progress.