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Feel the energy with V

V Energy graduates from Make it Happen to Can You Feel It with a campaign all about feeling your best self and spreading those positive vibes.

Allison Yorston, Director Energy & Transformation says: “The aim of V’s new campaign, Can You Feel It, moves V Energy away from the traditional associations of energy drinks and extreme sports to a campaign that celebrates the feeling of energy and fun.”

The V Energy team partnered with Clemenger BBDO and Psyop, a multi-award-winning animation production company and collaboratively developed a new creative platform that not only pays homage to our past, but takes V Energy into the future.

“Together we developed an evolution of ‘Bugs’ that demonstrates how V helps you radiate positive energy and lift those around you.

“While V has famously used bugs in the past, we wanted to bring them back in a way that felt fresh, entertaining and on-brand whilst communicating the feel of energy – and the wit long associated with the brand.”

In the new 30-second TV spot, the now human-sized bugs Mussa, Kaz, Roz and Pook personify energy, social connection and fun as they sing along to the iconic upbeat soundtrack, Wham’s ‘Wake me up before you go-go’ and embark on a road trip adventure. 

To make sure the campaign and creative hit the mark with V Energy drinkers, research was conducted with audiences across Australia and New Zealand.

Senior V Engagement & Partnership Manager Chris Henbrey says the feedback they got back from testing was hugely positive, with broad appeal, strong liking and clear comprehension.

Head of V Equity Jonny Croft summarises it well: “V Energy is all about having fun, and at its heart, that’s what this spot is all about.  We wanted to celebrate the feeling of energy – not just the function.

“We are incredibly excited about the work and can’t wait to hear how our consumers respond!”

The new campaign launches across Australia and New Zealand on July 23, 2021.

Don’t just take our word for it – click here and watch the TVC for yourself.

V Energy’s new campaign Can You Feel It is about being your best self and spreading those positive vibes.