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Career-defining scholarship for Libby

Frucor Suntory Packaging Technologist Libby Treves was absolutely shocked when she was named a recipient of the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) Scholarship for a Diploma in Packaging on Wednesday.

Libby says they initially announced someone else as the recipient of the ABA (Australian Bioplastics Association) and AIP Scholarship at the virtual Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) Awards.

So…when she didn’t hear her name called, she did what most of us would do – texted her mum to tell her she wasn’t successful.

But as soon as she hit send, a special announcement was made.  The AIP had decided to introduce a second scholarship – and this time, she heard her name. 

Libby says this scholarship is life-changing as it will enable her to undertake a Diploma in Packaging, a three year qualification that costs $9000 AUD.

“This diploma is really going to benefit my career and let me progress my passion for packaging even further. This is an internationally recognised diploma that will allow me to work anywhere in the packaging industry.”

Libby’s winning application included two reference letters, a letter of support from the business and a 1000 word essay.

“I think the passion I showcased for packaging must have really resonated with the judges. I also had an interview which was slightly nerve-racking!”

Libby wants to thank everyone who supported her during the entire process – especially Kitty Sandoval, Pat O’Donnell and Ruth Muller who helped her with her application for the scholarship.    

 “Before coming to Frucor Suntory, I had no background in Packaging as I’d majored in Neuroscience, while completing my Bachelor of Science at The University of Otago.

“So…everything. My passion. My knowledge for Packaging has come from being here at Frucor Suntory.

“Applying for the scholarship made me really think about my career and where I wanted to take it. Even if I hadn’t got the scholarship, I would have seriously considered applying and completing the diploma anyway.” 

Libby aims to start her studies through the AIP soon. Her first exam is in November.