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Five minutes with Caroline Waite

We caught up with Frucor Suntory’s Australian Sales Director, Caroline Waite to get the lowdown on her top priorities for the year. Here’s what Caroline had to say: 

Build positive engagement and connection with our people

With so much change and uncertainty over the past 12 to 18 months, it’s easy for our people to become fatigued and disengaged. So for me a big priority is creating human connections –  both within Frucor Suntory and with the people we work with outside our business like our customers. I believe as a leader the priority right now needs to be reaching out, listening to understand what’s going on for people, and working together on creative ways to manage challenges faced and to maximise the many opportunities still ahead of us. 

The small things do matter  

Operating in a Covid-19 environment involves lots of complexity in planning compared to two or three years ago.  We need to make sure we’re able to adapt and respond quickly to change; without dropping the ball on the small things…it’s the finer details that our customers notice.  Basic day to day challenges are more material, so I am working with my teams to really pay attention to the execution of plans and managing things end to end.

Be future focused

Our focus now is to ramp up our engagement with customers out and about in stores. That’s really where the magic happens, when you see shoppers behaving in ways that inspire innovation and creativity. We are really focused on trying to be future focused with our planning; by taking more of a long to medium term approach. By thinking beyond the short term it will enable us to gain a deeper insight into shopper behaviours, strengthen our relationships with our consumers and have a long term agile plan in place. The future is really exciting and FMCG is certainly the place to be.