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Frucor Suntory celebrates one year of MySU

This month Frucor Suntory celebrates an impressive milestone in their learning journey…the one year anniversary of MySU – our digital learning platform.

Starting out as a joint partnership with Suntory University, Frucor Suntory’s Capability Team has been hard at work growing the catalogues and adding to the number of courses available on MySU.

Capability Manager, Aimee Sheerer describes MySU as revolutionary, making learning more accessible for people at Frucor Suntory.

“The beauty of MySU is that it has empowered many of our people to unlock their potential by taking part in self-directed learning at their own pace – at work or home – from any digital device.

“They can select from thousands of courses to help them grow their knowledge within their specialism, or develop their soft skill set like communication.”

Aimee is proud of the traction Frucor Suntory has made in their learning and development journey since its introduction in May last year.  

 “Since introducing MySU to the business a year ago, our people have completed more than 1,000 of the courses available on the platform.

“The feedback we’ve had is incredible. We’ve had so many people in our business embrace online self-directed learning, with many of our people leaders encouraging their team to log into MySU.” 

Aimee says learning is crucial for personal and professional development – and for maintaining mental health.

“With our Health, Safety & Wellbeing team introducing learning as one of our Five Ways of Wellbeing this year, it has helped to highlight the importance of self-directed learning.  

 “Research has proven learning and continuing to learn throughout your life can result in better life satisfaction, improve self-esteem, give a sense of hope and purpose, encourage social interaction and reduce stress.”

Next for the Learning team is promoting the new ‘Doing the right thing’ compliance modules as well as continue to curate learning tailored to our people across all areas of the business.

“Our Learning team who have done, and continue to do, an incredible job in updating and promoting self-directed learning in the business.

“They’ve been instrumental in evolving and learning new skills themselves to help our people learn and grow.  We’re excited to see this continue and to celebrate the success of our people along the way.”