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FMCG commits to breaking down barriers with Accessibility EIG

Frucor Suntory cements its commitment to create an environment that welcomes and supports people of all abilities with the launch of their Employee Impact Group (EIG), Accessibility.

The Accessibility EIG is the third EIG that Frucor Suntory has launched this year to support the efforts of their Inclusion Council.

Frucor Suntory’s 11 Inclusion Council members represent the five inclusion streams set out in its Diversity & Inclusion strategy: Accessibility, All Genders, Cultural Diversity, Rainbow and Life Stages.

Each EIG is also sponsored by a member of our Executive Leadership team, supported by D&I and is led by their Inclusion Council representatives.

Cameron Davidson, Chief Consumer Officer, is the Executive Sponsor of the ANZ FMCG’s Accessibility EIG.

Chief Consumer Officer Cameron Davidson is the Executive Sponsor of the ANZ FMCG’s Accessibility EIG.

The group’s purpose is to “raise awareness and break down unintended barriers to enable our people of all abilities to reach their full potential” says Cameron.

“Over the next six to 12 months, the Accessibility EIG will be working alongside D&I and a number of key stakeholders across the business to implement meaningful changes that empower our people to thrive and feel safe at work.”

To make sure they remain open and committed to recognising and removing unintended barriers, Frucor Suntory’s Accessibility EIG have committed to the following principles.

  • Value difference and celebrate all diverse abilities.
  • To be empathetic and respectful of all people and abilities.
  • Listen without judgement and encourage open communication.
  • Question your own assumptions and encourage others to do the same.
  • Promote and create safe working environments for current and future employees to be their authentic selves.
Lin Surch is the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Consultant at Frucor Suntory.

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Consultant Lin Surch describes the launch of the Accessibility EIG as “a crucial step in building D&I into our DNA at Frucor Suntory and ensuring no one gets left behind.”

“Accessibility is an important part of our D&I journey as we understand that different perspectives and diverse abilities result in better outcomes for our people and our business.

“By cultivating a culture of inclusion that taps into the rich tapestry of diversity of our business, will help us to create an environment that goes beyond skin deep and empowers our people to thrive. We want to be ahead of the game and empower people of all abilities in all that we do.”

“I am proud to be a part of this journey. I have already witnessed significant growth in our Inclusion Council members and EIG members this year, this group will continue to make an impact into the future.”