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Frucor Suntory launches first Employee Impact Group (EIG): Cultural Diversity

Frucor Suntory reaches an important milestone in its Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) journey, launching its first Employee Impact (EIG) – Cultural Diversity.

The Cultural Diversity EIG was launched three months after the Inclusion Council.

Chaired by D&I Consultant Rev Lin Surch, the Council has 11 representatives from across the business, to advocate for our five inclusion streams: Accessibility, All Genders, Cultural Diversity, Rainbow and Life Stages.

Lin says the streams represented in the Inclusion Council represent what makes us, us.

“We all have gender, a cultural background (whatever that might be), we all have relationships, life stages and ages, and different abilities.

“The role of our EIGs is to gain a deeper understanding of the value a diverse workforce brings to innovation and leadership – where all employees can thrive.”

The purpose of our Cultural Diversity EIG is to amplify the voices of every individual from all backgrounds, ethnicity, faith, non-faith and indigenous cultures to build cultural understanding and raise awareness. To create and encourage an inclusive and safe environment for us all.

 “Our EIG members are here to make an impact. Through the work of our employee impact groups, we develop our talent, gain a deeper understanding of the value a diverse workforce, increase innovation and engagement and foster an inclusive environment for our colleagues, customers and consumers.

“Our Cultural Diversity EIG’s purpose is be instrumental in helping to raise cultural competencies and awareness. Our working group is made up of 12 passionate employees, supported by our Executive Sponsor, James Houston. The group are set to create and drive a range of strategic initiatives and activities and celebrate dates of cultural significance in a way that’s meaningful to our people.”

Led by our D&I Consultant Lin Surch, Frucor Suntory has made bold plans and is taking the right steps to ensure we embed a D&I culture that’s more than just skin deep…or ticking a corporate box.     

“We will continue to cultivate our culture of inclusion so that we can tap into the rich diversity across our business, learn from each other and ultimately, create an environment where all our people can thrive. I’m so proud to be helping to guide this journey, and I look forward to witnessing the Cultural Diversity EIG grow and develop over the coming years as we build this important network across the business.

“At Frucor Suntory, we know that D & I is a hands-on journey that involves all of us” Lin said.

Different together, we play and as one team.