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Frucor Suntory’s Equal Paid Parental Leave makes a difference for families, especially Dads

Frucor Suntory’s Equal Paid Parental Leave eliminates gendered terms of primary and secondary carer by offering 13 weeks of Paid Parental Leave (PPL) to every new parent.

The beverage company became the first in Australia and New Zealand to introduce a policy that offers all eligible employees 13 weeks on top of their statutory leave entitlements.

The policy also recognises all parenting arrangements and new parent events including adoption, surrogacy and birth loss.

Chief People Officer, Amy Rixon says Frucor Suntory’s PPL is an important step towards more gender equality in the workplace and the home.

“A large portion of our workforce have families or are planning for them, so it made sense to rethink the importance of supporting our people who are ‘working parents’.

“As any parent will tell you, starting or growing a family is a significant moment that matters. Now, both parents can embrace the new challenge of parenthood with the support of an equal-gender policy.”

CPO Amy Rixon says Frucor Suntory’s PPL is an important step towards more gender equality in the workplace and home.

Since introducing the policy last year, more than 60 new Frucor Suntory parents have used it – and enjoyed the extra time it’s allowed to create those special moments with their new baby.

Over 40 of those using the leave have been men, like Health & Safety Co-ordinator, Louie Patti.

Louie says when his daughter Aliah-Helena was born in April, Frucor Suntory’s PPL enabled him to put work on the back burner, support his partner and focus on his family.

“Initially, I thought I’d be using this leave to focus on the baby.

However, what I found myself doing was supporting my partner by taking care of the house and day-to-day activities – like school drop-offs and pick-ups, taking the kids to sports training, supermarket runs and everyday chores.”

He says the time enabled him to help his family adjust to the new addition – and to help get back into the routine of having a baby in the household.

“The level of support I gave my family would have been difficult if I had only had taken the first few days off to spend with the family, before heading straight back into work.”

Louie welcomed his daughter Aliah-Helena in April.

For first-time dad Ben Walkley, Frucor Suntory’s PPL allowed him to adjust to the new normal that comes with having your first child.

“Besides adjusting from a two-person to a three-person family overnight, I was able to enjoy those first initial weeks connecting with my son, Finn – and be an extra pair of hands
for my wife, Anna.”

Ben – who heads up the company’s Sustainability agenda – is making use of the Policy’s flexibility by taking his 13 week-entitlement in two blocks.

Ben took four weeks off after Finn’s birth in December and plans to take the remaining nine weeks next month.

Ben Walkely and Anna with son Finn.

For Cam Mostyn, Frucor Suntory’s PPL policy was introduced after the birth of his son Hendrix.

Luckily for Cam, he was eligible for Frucor Suntory’s PPL as it was introduced before his eldest son’s first birthday.

“It was very much a pleasant surprise. It allowed me to be able to take some time out – be there for my family more and allow my wife to transition back into part time work,
which helped our family financially”.

Cam says the support he received from the business coming back to work after taking paid parental leave was incredible.

“There was a lot of flexibility with returning to work, making it easier for me to strike a good work-life balance”.

“Outside of work, most people were amazed by the fact that I was entitled to 13 weeks leave. For me, it was just a great opportunity to spend time with Hendrix. It also gave me
a far greater appreciation for the challenges that come with being the primary care-giver, which is certainly no holiday.”

Cam is currently taking PPL with the birth of his second son, Bowie.

Cam Mostyn and Josie with their two sons Hendrix and Bowie.