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Frucor Suntory takes out the Collaboration Category at Safeguard Awards

Safety is a top priority at Frucor Suntory.  We all have a role to play in keep each other safe so we can go home to our families, friends and hobbies the same way we arrived at work.

It’s not just about making sure you follow instructions and keep to the procedures – it’s about making sure we’ve analysed the risks before we undertake a task. 

Earlier this year, we shared that we were named a finalist in the Collaboration section of the 2020 Safeguard Awards.

Our work with machine safety experts TEG Risk and Weratech was recognised at the Safeguard Awards this week. Partnering with the experts enabled us to do a high level safety review of all the things that make up a robust Health and Safety Management System. The review addressed the issues and  helped us to create a holistic approach that takes into consideration the hierarchy of controls and industry best practice.

As a direct result of the review we have created permanent resources to address technical requirements, ensure quality and consistency, simplify energy isolation of machinery, maintain safeguards and make certain that new equipment meets essential machine safety requirements.  

Accepting the award on behalf of Frucor was the team behind the collaboration

Phil Penhale, Barry Williams, Kasey Bradley, Colin Postawa – thank you to all of you and everyone involved in the workshop sessions.