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Frucor Suntory ushers in new brand pages

Frucor Suntory is committed to creating better people experiences across their digital channels –especially their website.

Content Creator Tim Wakely says we are able to achieve this by using readily available data and analytics to gain insights into how visitors behave when they click on our website.

“From the data we’ve collected over the last 18 months, we understand that most people visit our website for four reasons: to learn about who we are, what we stand for, our brands and talent offering.

“So any changes to the corporate site were about improving the user experience in these areas.”

Tim says it didn’t take long for the comms team to spot the pain points users experienced throughout our website, which turned out to be our brand pages.

“The layout of the pages didn’t allow users to have a great digital experience.

“By watching playbacks of users on our brand pages, we quickly discovered the navigation was clunky, and the carousel plug-in encouraged rage clicking – when users repeatedly click in a certain area of a website over a short period.”

He says it took about two months to settle on a design that removed rage clicking and offered a more logical and aesthetically pleasing layout.

“We ended up taking a ‘less is more’ approach, displaying key packs and a description of the pack range, rather than every product in our portfolio.

Tim says the work ethic that has gone into these pages is a prime example of our people coming together, to work as one team and make a difference in here and out there.”

“A huge thanks to our Consumer and Business Technology teams and our external partners who were highly instrumental in enabling me to bring these pages to life. 

Anyway enough from me – click here to see our new brand pages.”

V Energy page illustrates our less is more approach.