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Frucor Suntory welcomes Rhodi Bulloch

Frucor Suntory is proud to appoint Rhodi Bulloch as their Nutrition & Regulatory Affairs Specialist.

Rhodi is a registered dietitian and has more than 15 years of nutrition experience, including regulatory experience in the food industry, public health and academia.

She has been instrumental in leading nutrition changes in the New Zealand Food & Beverage Industry and contributing to regulatory policy development.

Most recently, Rhodi completed her PhD at the University of Auckland that focused on folic acid supplementation in pregnancy, and whether it is linked to a lower risk of adverse birth outcomes like babies born small-for-gestational age and high blood pressure in pregnancy.

Rhodi says she is excited to be stepping into the Nutrition & Regulatory Affairs Specialist role at Frucor Suntory.

“Overall I am very pragmatic about nutrition and believe in offering good choices to consumers. I see this role as an opportunity for me to use nutrition and regulatory knowledge to empower the business to continue creating beverages that satisfy a variety of thirsts.”

Lesley Stevenson says Rhodi will play a crucial role in helping the business to continue offering a portfolio of choice, where one out of three drinks we sell will be no or low sugar by 2030.

“Rhodi’s passion for nutrition and regulation is evident. I am confident she will have a positive impact in helping us to embed positive change and innovation in our business.”