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Frucor Suntory’s D&I strategy tackles gender pay gap

Frucor Suntory continues to challenge the status quo as it works towards closing the gender pay gap and introduces its second Employee Impact Group (EIG) – All Genders

Jon Sackree, Executive Sponsor of the All Gender EIG says: “The purpose of our All Genders EIG is to represent equality through collective voices that have the power to create meaningful and lasting change for All Genders.

“Our EIG members are here to make an impact. Through the work of our employee impact groups, we develop our talent, gain a deeper understanding of the value of a diverse workforce, increase innovation and engagement and foster an inclusive environment for our colleagues, customers and consumers.”

Chief Supply Chain & Quality Officer Jon Sackree is the Executive Sponsor for Frucor Suntory’s All Genders EIG.

Frucor Suntory Chief People Officer Amy Rixon says having an All Genders EIG is just one of the ways the business is striving to get balanced representation across all levels of the organisation.

“Our All Genders EIG will playing a key role in shaping our agenda in relation to gender pay equity, ensuring that we continue to focus on closing the gender pay gap through awareness, education and input into initiatives targeted at reducing gender bias.

Our current pay gap currently sits at around 4%. “Although this may sound large, it’s low compared to other large scale ANZ businesses who have a gender pay gap between 3 to 15%, and lower than national averages.”

A pay gap is calculated by taking the average salary for men versus the average salary for women in an organisation.

Chief People Officer Amy Rixon says Frucor Suntory’s gender pay gap sits at the lower end of the ANZ national average at 4%.

“At Frucor Suntory, we have slightly more men in in higher-paying roles than women. We do not have a role-to-role pay parity issue, but we don’t have equal representation at all levels – and that’s the cause of the gap.”

By ensuring bias doesn’t creep into its processes for salary decisions – including recruitment, promotion and salary review – Frucor Suntory hopes to close the gender pay gap.

“We’ll continue to conduct annual pay gap audits (reviewing all pay data and practices annually), complete preparations required to sign the WGEA (Workplace Gender Equality Agency) pledge and to gain the Gender Tick in New Zealand.

“We continue to encourage education and open dialogue around Unconscious Bias, and to create positive change through our All-Gender Action Plan.”