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Making learning fun at the University of Technology Sydney

V Energy’s Senior Media & Content Manager, Ryan Smith has always had an affinity for teaching and coaching others.

So when an opportunity to teach for seven hours a week as a virtual Media & Marketing tutor at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) came up, he went for it!

Ryan was approached by a contact at the university who figured his expertise on all things branding would lend itself to the university’s newest post graduate marketing paper, Branding in a Digital World.

 “So far I’m really enjoying it. Everyone brings such an interesting perspective to the virtual classroom, making the discussions really rich and exciting.

“It’s also a great way to compare the theory to the practice. The case studies in the course make for awesome references when applying theory to real world scenarios.”

Ryan says he’s received strong support to try his hand at teaching from Frucor Suntory – making it easier for him to make a difference.

“My aim is to make learning as fun and as engaging as possible. Doing this helps stimulate conversations on the subject, and gives the students the confidence to put theory into practice as they start out in their careers.”