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Maximus Ultra breaks ground in sports drinks category

Maximus continues to raise the stakes in the sports category with its newest player, Maximus Ultra®.

Maximus Ultra is the first hybrid sports drink in Australia to contain BCAAs (Branched Chained Amino-Acids) to support muscle recovery and performance. It also contains 50% more electrolytes than regular Maximus as well as B Vitamins, B3, B5, B6 and B12.

Maximus Senior Brand Manager Kate Taylor says Maximus Ultra adds a lot of value to Maximus’ starting line-up with an additional two flavours Tropical and Berry.

“Besides being a market first and a unique product in the sports category, it also remains true to Maximus’ core – to give consumers the extra hydration they need to work, play and everything in-between.

“Like the rest of the players in the team, Maximus Ultra also helps hard working Aussies to replenish, recover and refuel to push themselves to the limits, time and time again.”

Since its launch, Maximus has proven to deliver incremental value to the sports category through ground breaking NPD, says Kate.

“By introducing Maximus Ultra to our line up we’re continuing to drive our ambition to create innovation sports drinks that not only have additional benefits, but retain a competitive price point per litre.”

Kate states: from October to March, Maximus will continue to amplify their More Drink, More Do campaign by taking over Aussie screens and streets with Ultra.

“During this time, the Maximus team will be working hard to get Ultra into the hands of hardworking Aussies, so they can do more this summer.”

Maximus Ultra is available at most supermarkets, petrol station and convenience store outlets.