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Pepsi Max – Tastes like Victory

The nation has spoken! 51% prefer the refreshing taste of Pepsi Max^!

For the first time in history the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge reached New Zealand shores asking Kiwi cola drinkers to challenge their taste buds in a blind taste test.

With less than 10% market share*, we’re celebrating the fact that 51% of Kiwis preferred the taste of Pepsi Max, that contains absolutely no sugar, when compared to the full sugar version of the market’s highest selling cola.

Fun & Enjoyment Director, Tania Bui says “As a challenger in the cola market it’s important we constantly challenge ourselves with how we learn more from consumers and have some fun with the category.”

“We were so confident that our no sugar cola, Pepsi Max, delivers on taste that we went head to head in a blind taste test with the market’s leading full sugar cola.”

“Now, we’re encouraging Kiwis to join in the celebration of our win with a fun campaign to remind everyone of the refreshing taste of Pepsi Max.”

The Pepsi Taste Challenge was a marketing phenomenon in the early 70’s, but this was the first time the challenge has been run in New Zealand, and now with Pepsi Max.

The challenge saw over 15,000 participants delight in the no sugar, full taste of Pepsi Max in blind taste tests against full sugar Coca-Cola across New Zealand during a campaign that ran from March – April 2021.

With summer on its way, make sure you grab an ice cold Pepsi Max and try it for yourself!

Click here to learn more about Pepsi Max.

^50.6% of 15,096 participants chose the taste of Pepsi Max in blind taste tests against full sugar Coca Cola across New Zealand from 25.03.21 to 26.05.21
*PepsiCo CSD brands by IRI MarketEdge, Dollar Sales, NZ Grocery & Convenience, Data to 05/09/21