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The future is clear for 7Up

Frucor Suntory marks an important milestone by removing the colour from their 7Up plastic bottles – making it easier for consumers to recognise that it’s recyclable.

“Although coloured plastic bottles are recyclable, replacing them with clear plastic will help improve recyclability,” explains Head of Sustainability, Ben Walkley.  

Ben says removing the colour from 7Up’s bottle range is the first of many milestones for Frucor Suntory’s colour removal programme, which began last year.

“Transitioning 7Up into clear recyclable plastic is a big win – but we’re certainly not resting on our laurels!  Our Research, Development and Innovation team works alongside Suntory to investigate packaging alternatives and improvements all the time.” 

In line with global 7Up branding, 7Up Light has changed its name to 7Up Free – to more accurately reflect that it contains no sugar.

And to ensure consumers can quickly and easily identify 7Up as a lemonade beverage, the cap is green – and eye catching new label artwork includes the subtle addition of a lemon and lime wedge.

7Up and 7Up Free in clear plastic is available for purchase from most supermarkets and beverage outlets.