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Using science to gain the competitive advantage

As Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager at Frucor Suntory, I count myself lucky – and feel proud – to be the advocate and to lead for Food Science & Technology within the business.
Science is my passion. Science appears in different places in our portfolio.

One of the favourite parts of my role is getting to interact and exchange ideas with other scientists across the wider Suntory business in Japan, South East Asia and Europe. Future innovation is a key focus for me.

We know that humans have a fundamental need for energy. Energy is fuel, and without fuel you get nowhere and get nothing done. But the types of energy consumers are seeking is changing. We are exploring new technologies and ingredients that can deliver energy solutions of the future.

Is there something out there that gives you all the benefits of caffeine but without the side effects? We think so.

We also need tools to deliver sugar reduction. These tools are needed not just for future energy innovation but also for other parts of our portfolio. Science plays a key role here.

Are there processing technologies out there that can reduce the sugar content of juice? That’s another question we are exploring.

Then talking of juice, science is playing a part in how we can maximise value by upcycling our waste streams in our Bay View factory.

That’s just a little flavour of some of the things that keep me busy. The Regulatory piece is good to have close by as well, because with new technologies and ingredients there is a lag before they may become legal and be allowed to be used in products.

The end game is to use science and technology to enable Frucor Suntory to gain competitive advantage with both consumers and customers. It’s a game I love to play.