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Who Wins? You Decide. Take the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge

For the first time, we’re bringing the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge to New Zealand; touring both islands for Kiwis to tell us – which cola tastes better?

The rules are pretty simple. Participants are asked to select which taste they prefer from two samples, before the brands are revealed.

The challenge will be rolled out across New Zealand from late March to early May.

Fun & Enjoyment Director, Tania Bui says: “The Pepsi Max Taste Challenge has been successfully rolled out in other countries.  

“In New Zealand we’re so confident that our no sugar cola, Pepsi Max delivers on taste that we’re going head to head in a blind taste test with the market’s leading full sugar cola.”

She says there is marketing activity planned to hype up and build interest in the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge including social media, outdoor media and digital screens.

“We will also be leveraging our established partnership with radio station ZM by getting the ‘faces of ZM’ to actively take part in the challenge, to create awareness of the campaign and encourage participation.”

So c’mon…take the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge at a spot near you: