Marketing to Children

Marketing our products responsibly, clearly and ethically is an ongoing commitment for Frucor Suntory.

We believe that education and information are important tools to help our customers make informed decisions about the beverages they choose.  We believe that children* are a special audience so we take extra care to respect and support the role of parents and other adults responsible for a child’s welfare in guiding diet and lifestyle choices.

The following key principles codify our current practice and behaviour. They align with industry guidelines across Australia and New Zealand to ensure the responsible marketing of our beverages promotion of good dietary habits.

Advertising / product placement

  • We do not advertise or seek placement in programmes or editorial content of any medium with a targeted audience demographic of children aged 14 and under except where this furthers the goal of promoting healthy dietary choices and healthy lifestyles.
  • This applies to television, print and internet (including third party, corporate and brand owned websites), mobile and outdoor.
  • The way we do it is simple: If more than 25 per cent of an audience is likely to be aged 14 and under, we don’t buy advertising time or space to promote full sugar beverages nor energy drinks**.
  • Our advertisements and promotions never depict unaccompanied children aged 14 and under consuming our brands.
  • When developing our marketing communication, we will take into account i) channels of placement, ii) content and iii) overall impression of the marketing communication.

Characters, Celebrity Endorsement, Games, Sponsorship

  • We will not design our marketing communications of full sugar beverages and energy drinks in ways that directly appeal to children aged 14 and under.
  • Specifically, we will not use, in any communications about full sugar beverages and energy drinks created after the date of adoption of this policy:
  • Celebrities or characters whose primary appeal is to children aged 14 and under.
  • Movie tie-ins related to movies with a targeted audience demographic of 14 and under.
  • Games or contests designed with a targeted audience demographic of 14 and under.
  • Branded toys whose primary appeal is to children aged 14 and under.
  • Branded sponsorship of sporting and entertainment events which primarily target children aged 14 and under.
  • Frucor Suntory’s corporate sponsorship of charitable organisations and not-for-profit events will only be entered into for educational or informative purposes, or where it is related to healthy lifestyle activities.
  • Owned or licenced characters appealing directly to children aged 14 and under will only be used to further promote healthy dietary choices and healthy lifestyles.   This includes healthy diets, active play and encouragement of physical activity, and support of educational development


Marketing Communication and Sales in Schools 

  • We will not have any product-related marketing in primary schools, except where specifically requested by the school management for educational or informative purposes, or where it’s related to healthy lifestyle activities, under the supervision of the school’s management or other responsible adults.
  • We will only participate in such activities with products that meet Australian and New Zealand industry guidelines.
  • We do not supply full sugar carbonated beverages or any energy drinks to schools we supply directly.
  • Our sales to schools focus on water and low/no sugar beverages to support healthy nutritional habits

– This applies to beverages sold on school grounds during the regular and extended school day. The extended school day includes activities such as clubs, sports practices, and after school childcare programmes.

– It does not apply to school-related events where parents and other adults constitute a significant portion of the attendees. Such events may include school plays and concerts, and where beverages are being sold as a part of fundraising activities.

  • We encourage additional dilution of drinks for children.


  • We are committed to complying with all applicable laws governing marketing communication to children. If applicable laws set stricter requirements than this policy, they must be followed.

Industry Codes

Frucor Suntory adheres to the following codes:

NZ Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Australian Association of National Advertisers (ANNA) New Zealand Commercial Approval Board – Children’s Food (CF) Classification System

We are a member of the New Zealand Beverage Council (NZBC), the Australian Beverage Council (ABC), New Zealand Food and Grocery Council (NZFGC) and Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC).


* Children are defined as those who are aged 14 and under.

** We do not advertise, market or provide sampling activities of energy drinks to anyone aged 18 or under.