Better Drinks

Research and Development (R&D) is at the core of life at Frucor Suntory. It’s the engine that drives our innovation.

Better Drinks is all about ingredient innovation, meeting all our needs and evolving the world of drinks. Over the past decade, we’ve launched more than 80 new projects into the marketplace and we’re well known throughout the industry as a pioneer in product and packaging innovation.

What we’re doing


Innovation isn’t just about creating new products, it’s about developing the best possible products for our consumers. We are committed to offering more choice when it comes to low, no and reduced sugar beverages as well as functionality and more natural ingredients.

We were one of the first drink companies in Australasia to use Stevia, a natural plant-derived sweetener that has replaced sugar in many of our drinks.

And in 2014, we invested in a NZ$6m research and development centre that is focused on producing low and no sugar drinks, a category that currently makes up more than 30 per cent of our portfolio and is growing.


New product launches


Reduced and no sugar options also feature heavily in our recent product launches.  In 2016, we took one of Australasia’s top energy brands in a new and exciting direction by launching a more natural alternative – V Pure with just six natural ingredients and 20 per cent less sugar than original V.

Another recent new product, Sparkling OH! has less than 1g of sugar per 100ml,  and is just one great example of how our business is responding to demand for great tasting, lower sugar beverages as alternatives to traditional full sugar drinks.




We are quietly getting on with reformulating more of our product range to reduce sugar without affecting the taste.   In 2016, we reformulated the G-Force range, which now has 50 per cent less sugar.  We are now working to reduce sugar in our OVI range.

And in 2012, we voluntarily replaced our entire range of h2go flavoured waters with a sugar free-option.  We continue to remove tonnes of sugar annually from Australasian diets through reformulation and innovation.


Smaller pack sizes


We’re continuing to introduce smaller pack options across our portfolio such as the 250ml Sparkling OH!  In 2017, we started a trial of “Better Choice Fridges” across stores in New Zealand to find out if these will help consumers choose healthier options.


Better labelling


We’re also transparent in how we label our products, with a commitment to the Trans Tasman Healthy Star Rating (HSR) Scheme.  Our brands in New Zealand and Australia (excluding water) display the percentage daily intake energy logo, so consumers can see at a glance how much one serving of their favourite drink will contribute to their total daily energy needs.




Frucor has several long-term projects on the go with top New Zealand universities to keep us in the loop on the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Alexis Daems CEO Australia

Innovation is in our DNA at Frucor.  We live and breathe it every day with our hunger for making drinks better.