We’re CEMARS certified and reducing our carbon footprint

At Frucor Suntory we’re taking action to reduce our carbon footprint, so we couldn’t be happier to receive our CEMARS certification.

CEMARS is a globally-recognised certificate for companies actively managing and reducing their carbon emissions.

Our commitment is to reduce 35% of our carbon footprint by 2030 because we’re 100% dedicated to decreasing Frucor’s environmental impact. We want to align with international standards set by the United Nations as well as our own government regulations and our parent company, Suntory. Being CEMARS certified is a major step on our journey to developing and maintaining an Emissions Reduction Scheme.

To ensure we do this accurately, we have been working with environmental consultancy, Enviro-Mark Solutions for the past 18-months. Together, we have measured our carbon output and sought new ways to decrease it. We have set achievable goals to lessen our effect on the environment, while also meeting the requirements of an independent audit.

It’s been a huge project, but happily all the hard work has paid off. We’re now proud to be one of only a handful of ANZ companies to be CEMARS certified.

From here, CEMARS will carry out a new audit every year to ensure we’re tracking along as planned. We’ve already started preparing for the next review and we’ll simultaneously continue to develop our scheme to reduce 35% of our carbon footprint. We now need to find new and innovative ways to continuously decrease our carbon emissions, even when production and manufacturing continues to grow.

It’s no easy task, but we want to protect our planet for future generations, so it’s definitely worth it.