Joseph McCartney

Joseph McCartney

Before joining the grad programme, what were your expectations?


I expected to join a company that was fun to work in, and to learn a lot. I’ve experienced both of those things and more!


What has been your biggest “aha!” moment?


Finally understanding how each part of the business functions together to make a beverage and deliver it into the consumer’s hand.​​​​​​​


What have you really enjoyed but didn’t think you would?


Leadership weeks with the Supply Chain and Quality Lead Team. Learning the strategic side of the business gave really good insight into why we do things and also how the business plans to move forward in the next few years.


What have you gained from being part of Frucor Suntory’s graduate programme?


Broad experience across our Supply Chain and R,D&I functions, with plenty of opportunities to push for the things I wanted to work on, as well as a clear roadmap to where I want to point my career. Also plenty of 1:1 time spent with the Heads of our Supply Chain functions, creating working relationships and understanding their role in pointing the company towards its strategic, long-term goals.


How well has our graduate programme set you up for the future?


By spending time in many functions across the business, I have created connections with members of each function, which I can now pull on in projects where cross-functional knowledge is needed. The broad knowledge base built from the program also will be greatly beneficial for any work in the future. Knowing how the business works is incredibly valuable! Also being readily able to communicate with the Supply Chain and R&D lead teams means that now and in the future I am comfortable with bringing to light any issues that require their support.


What is one piece of advice you would give students who are applying?


Be open to any opportunity that this program throws at you. There will be many chances for you to seize, which will enrich your time during the program and will set you up well for the future.