Samir Brown

Samir Brown

Before joining the grad programme, what were your expectations?


My expectations are a bit different to most people due to the fact I have been with the business (on and off) for 2 years prior to joining the graduate program. But one thing I’d like to stress is that throughout the program, I didn’t feel like I was doing mindless admin work or just taking coffee orders.


The work I do as a graduate is real. And fits into the bigger picture of what Frucor Suntory is trying to achieve.


What has been your biggest “aha!” moment?


To be honest the last two years have been full of AHA moments and a lot of them have come during rotations I didn’t touch on during university such as logistics and packaging.


How well has our graduate programme set you up for the future?


The best part of the graduate programme is the ability for grads to rotate around teams. Being able to try a different role with a different focus makes your technical experience broader and helps you understand and gain an appreciation for other areas of the business. This has allowed me to learn from subject matter experts and develop the skills and knowledge that has given me a solid foundation to build my career and transition into a business-critical role.


What is one piece of advice you would give students who are applying?


During the application process, I say be yourself at all times. If they don’t like you before they hire you, chances are they won’t when you start working there. Remember you are interviewing Frucor Suntory as much as we are interviewing you. During the programme, take advantage of any opportunities that come your way and never be afraid to ask for help from someone when you need it.